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Catch Up with Coach Introduction and Overview

About this Webinar

Discover how Catch Up with Coach helps find and fill learning gaps for your students while continually addressing learning loss.

This new flexible program from Coach for ELA and Math targets grades 3 through 8. See how it supports teaching in school or independent practice at home. Explore its actionable reporting, printable digital content, and hundreds of lessons in ELA and Math that can be personalized to meet your class or individual student needs.

A hybrid program to fill learning gaps for grades 3-8

Coach® introduces the powerful new program that finds and fills gaps in learning. Deploy it onscreen or print it out on paper. Use it for teacher-led learning in school, or assign students to study independently at home.

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About the Speaker

Dan Fiore, M.S. Ed and Aaron Sjoberg


Dan Fiore, M.S. Ed
Director of Sales – East Curriculum Team/Educational Consultant

Aaron Sjoberg
Educator Success Team Manager


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