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Increase Student Engagement with Vocabulary: Introducing Wordly Wise 3000® and Wordly Wise i3000™

About this Webinar

Educators increasingly recognize that vocabulary development is at the heart of literacy achievement—students who understand texts as they read and draw meaning from words have a better chance of excelling in a variety of subjects.

But how do you engage your students in vocabulary lessons?

View this webinar to learn how to improve your students’ vocabulary, and utilize social learning—which engages learners as they interact with their peers using a variety of fun and effective social tools.

You will learn about

  • The importance of academic vocabulary for success in career and in life
  • How comprehension drives student achievement
  • Wordly Wise 3000 in both its print and online formats
  • Saving valuable prep time with approved, pre-loaded Wordly Wise 3000 study sets on Quizlet.com

About Wordly Wise 3000

Wordly Wise has been a market leader for student vocabulary development for over 50 years! With two new editions, Wordly Wise 3000® 4th Edition (print) and Wordly Wise i3000™ (digital), you can improve your students' vocabulary by furthering their understanding of new words and concepts. Both programs include peer sharing opportunities to increase student engagement and motivation.

About the Speaker

Peter Cleary

Director of Professional Services

Director of Professional Services

Peter Cleary is a certified teacher in Ontario and oversees Professional Services at EPS Instruction and Intervention and has been working in educational publishing for over 20 years. He holds a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Arts from Queen’s University, Canada. Combined, Peter has 5 years of direct teaching experience and 17 years overseeing Professional Development programs with Harcourt, AutoSkill and EPS Instruction and Intervention.

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