Summer Learning

Combat learning loss this summer with School Specialty. Our curriculum solutions promote achievement and grade level readiness in English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and more. Print, hybrid, or digital materials facilitate learning in any setting.

Choose programs individually, or talk with your School Specialty representative to customize a package that meets your needs.

All of our summer learning solutions are aligned to Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding requirements.

Catch Up with Coach laptop

Catch Up with Coach™

This summer, help restore lost learning with a powerful, flexible hybrid program that finds and fills learning gaps through teacher-led instruction and practice. It works digitally or in print, for remote, hybrid, or in-class learning.

Grades 3-8 | Math & ELA

Success Coach

Success Coach®

Active targeted instruction, two-level practice, and progress tracking to extend the reach of your teaching, for every student in class.

Grades 3-5 | Math & ELA

Support Coach

Support Coach™

Help students struggling with reading or foundational math skills. This remediation resource covers essential grade-level standards through extensive scaffolding, with each lesson targeting a critical skill.

Grades 1-8 | Math & ELA

Practice Coach PLUS

Practice Coach™ PLUS

Perfect for review, Practice Coach™ PLUS uses scaffolding and guided practice to lead students through increasingly rigorous content

Grades 3-8 | Math & ELA

Cover to Summer Counts!

Summer Counts!

Help students retain what they’ve learned this year, so they're ready for next year.

Grades K-8 | Math & ELA

Covers of multiple books

Common Core Clinics

Target specific domains and strands to build success. This flexible series is built to suit your instructional focus and bring student achievement up to the rigor demanded by the standards.

Grades 1-8 | Math & ELA


Summer Blogs

Kids done with school

Warmer weather means summer is the season for outdoor learning, exploration, and activities.

Summer Slide Blogs

Kids on vacation

Help students keep up on important concepts during the summer to prepare for the next year.