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Texas Coach, TEKS Edition for Reading, Math, Writing, Social Studies, and Algebra I are powerful curriculum companions providing TEKS coverage and alignment with STAAR and EOC. Our highly focused lessons begin with an in-depth introduction to key skills, followed by example problems, and lots of essential STAAR practice. Students will be test-ready and confident after preparing with this powerful resource.


Texas Coach, TEKS Edition, Math
Grades 3-8

Powerful curriculum companion for preparing TEKS-ready students.

  • Aligned to the TEKS
  • Two full-length Practice Tests
  • Multiple-choice and grid-able practice questions
  • Standards-based lessons target the six areas of mathematics identified by TEKS
  • Chapter Reviews, Coached Examples, and so much more

Explore Math

Texas Coach, TEKS Edition, Algebra
Middle and High School

Developed to meet the standards and raise STAAR assessment scores.

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of the TEKS
  • Chapters cover important concepts: Algebraic Expressions, Foundations for Functions, Linear Inequalities, Systems of Linear Equations, and more
  • Coached Examples with helpful hints show students the strategy behind the solution

Explore Algebra

Texas Coach, TEKS Edition, Reading
Grades 3-8

Meet every need with crucial exam prep!

  • Reinforce essential reading and writing skills
  • Raise Texas scores with exercises that reflect the rigor of the exam
  • Expand on each skill with more intensity
  • Plan lessons effortlessly and meet state standards

Explore Reading

Texas Coach, Writing
Grades 4 & 7

Flexible and easy-to-use program to review and practice for TEKS writing test.

  • Developed for test preparation and to increase STAAR assessment scores
  • Provides complete comprehensive coverage of the TEKS with the Coach model: three parts to a lesson for review, coached practice, and lesson practice
  • Guides students with Coached Examples and scaffolded practice followed by independent practice

Explore Writing

Texas Coach, Social Studies, Grade 8
Social Studies, Middle School

Complete TEKS Social Studies review for STAAR victory.

  • Summative tests measure progress before and after instruction and practice
  • Written response section offers either a document-based question or a critical thinking question that addresses the need for writing and higher-order thinking
  • This resource uses the Coach model, providing a gradual release: instructional review, coached practice, and lesson practice

Explore Social Studies

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