Wordly Wise 3000

Direct Academic Vocabulary Instruction

Wordly Wise 3000® – our best-selling vocabulary program – provides direct academic vocabulary instruction to develop the critical link between vocabulary and reading comprehension. Available in print and digital formats.


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Wordly Wise 3000 Key Features

Wordly Wise 3000 Partners with Quizlet!

For both programs, students can practice and master their vocabulary with Quizlet–a fun and engaging learning application that can be used anywhere at any time, providing added value for both teachers and students

Quizlet's study and game activities provide additional reinforcement for Wordly Wise 3000 vocabulary words.

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Word Matching in action!

More Activities

Engaging, Research-Based Activities

New activities reflect current research and provide multiple exposures and critical practice for a deep understanding of vocabulary.

Students demonstrate their understanding of a word through visual representation by drawing or uploading an image, and through written explanation by writing sentences.

More Engagement

Social Sharing and Interaction

Students share and communicate with their peers and write about their experiences to apply and extend their learning. Social sharing provides motivation, engagement, and additional support. 

Students interact with peers during quick Turn and Talk activities.

Students demonstrate their knowledge through written responses and share with their peers.

Reach More Students


The new programs now include differentiated reading passages and teacher support for every lesson – enabling more students to have success learning and practicing grade-level vocabulary.

Teachers assign the appropriate on-grade or below-grade-level reading passage to students. The below-grade-level passage is written at a lower Lexile® measure than the on-grade-level passage.

Choose between two options for flexible implementation!

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